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Photo c/o Yahoo

Photo c/o Yahoo


Twitter (direct messages open): @GWYNNESANITY

I’m a journalist who writes about culture and entertainment for a variety of high-profile websites and magazines. I’m also a professional playwright, bookwriter and lyricist.

As a journalist, my specialties include celebrity interviews and profiles; deep-dive reporting on popular entertainment past and present; video essays; oral histories; blogging; and angering misogynist Star Wars fans. Among my areas of expertise are musical theater, fan culture, feminism and entertainment, geek culture, and the intersection of popular culture and Christianity.  You can read some of my articles here. 

For the past five years, I’ve been a staff writer at Yahoo Entertainment. As a freelancer, I’ve been a frequent contributor to Vulture, GQ.com, Rolling Stone.com, Religion Dispatches, and New York magazine, among other publications. I’ve also written for Elle.com, Cosmopolitan.com, CNN.com, Time Out NY Kids, and The Daily Beast. For several years I wrote a blog about religion and culture called God Spam. Once upon a time in the '00s, I was the first Senior Editor of Babble.com (ASME Nominee, Excellence Online; Folio Silver Medal) and the Associate Editor and Projects Manager of Nerve.com (ASME Nominee: Best Interactive Feature, Film Lounge).

I have interviewed more than 500 celebrities, been a featured speaker at Google, and was profiled on a South African podcast that I’m told is very popular.  My parents listened to it, that much I know. 

In my other career as a playwright and lyricist, I’ve had work published and produced around the world. Learn more about my theatrical work here

Drop me a line at gwynnewatkins [at] gmail (dot) com, or send a direct message to @gwynnesanity on Twitter